Neapolitan Background

Kimberly McDonald


For Kimberly McDonald, the seeds of fine jewelry design were sown early in life, underscored by a deep appreciation for Earth’s natural beauty. Childhood memories of rock collecting at her home in North Carolina were the catalyst that in later years led McDonald on a quest to find natural gemstones and transform them into exquisite, wearable pieces. Some practical advice imparted by her Southern mother, with her mantra:  “Never leave home without your earrings” helped as well. With a design sensibility for unique composition and a perceptive eye for color and quality, McDonald has acquired a following of accessory lovers worldwide.

Understanding that (for most) buying jewelry is an emotional purchase; Kimberly set out to create a stunning Collection of unique fine jewelry that her clients could connect with. In early 2007, she started her own line, Kimberly McDonald Fine Jewelry, which exemplifies the esoteric nature of her personal vision and accentuates appreciation for rare and unique materials. The Collection embodies the designer’s natural and luxurious style and allows McDonald to channel her fascination with Earth’s precious gems.