Neapolitan Background

Irene Neuwirth


Irene Neuwirth, Inc. is a privately owned fine jewelry company based in Los Angeles.  Founded in 2003 by designer Irene Neuwirth, the company has emerged as a leading jewelry brand in the US, recognized by its uniquely modern and sophisticated designs.  The Irene Neuwirth collections are widely anticipated season to season by a fashion-forward clientele, who have come to expect a line that delivers a precise balance between timeless, collectable jewelry and the ultimate statement in modern luxury.

A native of Southern California, Irene’s fundamental inspiration is the ocean. Its purity, power and colors are all key elements at the origin of her designs. Her fascination with intense colors and raw, un-manufactured gem cuts, have become signature trademarks of the line. From the moment she began designing jewelry in her early twenties, Irene was inundated with requests to purchase her one-of-a kind pieces. In 2003, she launched her first line in the United States. 

Irene joined forces with finance specialist and former investment banker Tracy Stoll, who brings a wealth of experience to the business. Together they have become a formidable team, fusing high fashion and high finance.  Apart from their shared love of jewelry and fashion, both are committed to outstanding client service, a mainstay of Irene Neuwirth, Inc., which has become synonymous with the brand.